TrainWithMe provides University and elite level high school athletes with the most up to date and innovative ways of training. Whether the athlete is looking to get bigger, stronger, faster, more agile or mobile-the athlete is met and challenged with sport specific training. Unlike most programs where the athlete is part of a business model, at TrainWithMe the athlete comes first. Each athlete is met with an individualized program based on his/her needs, position, sport and level of athleticism. As a program, we foster some of the top CIS, NCAA and high school athletes the province has to offer. The environment, the athletes and the training experience are like no other-and can only be described by those who make it through each workout.

As an athlete, you can expect to be pushed towards your limits-whatever they may be. At TrainWIthMe the focus is a no nonsense approach to training. To be a better athlete you must train with the mentality that everyday you will break a new record or push the limits you have previously set out.

As a coach, the main objective is to get the athletes to another level in their career, to develop stronger and faster athletes and to educate the athlete on injury prevention, mobility work and rehabilitation techniques. With one-on-one technique work, nutrition advice, program adjustments and video analysis-the athlete is met with the highest standard of athletic training that can be offered.




Left, Matt Mondoux, Offensive MVP
Middle, Ian Perry,
Right, Mike Leroux, MVP
SJCSS S.D&G. Champs

"Mike and Matt trained with me this past
summer. Hard work and committment
paid off for these athletes"
-Ian Perry