Sean Rudy (Bemidji State University Hockey)

Sean, playing in his first year at Bemidji State-has the privilege for playing for one of the best Division 1 Hockey schools in America. Coming off an impressive season with the Wellington Dukes Junior A hockey club, Sean captained the team to the RBC Canadian National Championships while also leading his team in points. Sean was put through a gruelling program this summer to prepare him for the calibre of hockey and the speed and size difference that is expected in playing in one of the toughest leagues in D-1 hockey. Sean was very easy to coach as his demeanour in the gym and on track/ice were very helpful. Naturally strong, Sean worked on technique and off-ice speed and agility work which could be directly transferred to his on ice performance and performed extremely well in his combine testing. Sean will be working hard to become the go-to guy for his team and NHL hopeful-expect big things from this guy!

Kyle Handy (Bishop Gaiters Football)

Kyle has the work ethic of a genius and the physical and mental toughness of a soldier. As a strength and conditioning coach I do not think you will find many big men as mobile, agile, and fast as this guy. His foot speed is equally matched by his strength-making him a beast on the field and in the weight room. While Kyle is one of our out- of- town athletes, we worked on some speed and agility drills this summer and mobility work to prepare him for his season. A four year starter for Bishops University, a member of the East/West Bowl, and a potential CFL draft pick-Kyle has begun his off-season training and without a doubt will be and is, one of the most dominant offensive lineman in Canadian University football.

Jore Phoenix (Western Lacrosse)

Jore is one of the most dynamic and agile athletes I have ever dealt with. What sets him apart from most is his ability to change direction and make cuts while going at full speed and does so with accuracy and ease. As a smaller athlete, Jore put on a great amount of size over the summer and increased his strength tremendously. While being illusive on the field with his speed and tough to control with his unexpected strength to size ratio, Jore has improved tremendously as an athlete and as a lacrosse player. This summer shows signs of a sub 4.4 forty yard dash-look out for this kid!

Sean Smith (McMaster Football)

Sean has always been one of the most feared athletes on the field. His knowledge for the game of football paired with his not so easily matched size makes him one of the best offensive lineman coming out of high school football-entering the CIS. As a member of team Ontario football and the Cornwall Wildcats OVFL team-Sean accepted a spot with McMaster University. Dressing in all of the season games and playing in many, Sean also had the privilege of winning a Yates Cup as a Rookie (Ontario University Football Championship). One of the hardest working athletes this summer, Sean would workout alone in the morning 1 on 1 with me, 5 times a week and never give up on anything thrown his way. Not only did Sean fill out physically, he also increased his strength and speed-making him tough to compete against. Things look very promising for Sean-goal: to have him start next year.

Kohlin Rasenberg (St. FX University Basketball)

Kohlin came into the TrainWithMe program as one of the most raw athletes I have ever had to deal with. One of the most dedicated and successful basketball athletes to ever come out of the area, Kohlin also had major issues with mobility and postural problems. Within a month, with mobility work on his own time in and out of the gym, Kohlin emerged as a better all around athlete and it could easily be seen in his performance. While putting in 5 workouts a week, Kohlin would also spend hours afterwards focusing on his shooting and speed and agility work with the ball. We kept his programming VERY sport specific-while not being outdone in the weight room, putting up numbers typical of a football player. This summer promises to be a successful one for Kohlin as he returns bigger and stronger than ever.

Kevin Aleinik (McMaster Football)

Kevin came out of high school football, very heavily recruited and looked at by numerous Universities for his size, speed and knowledge of the game. Because of Kevin's size and athletic ability, he becomes very hard to match up with on the field. Throughout the summer-we were met with the challenge of preparing for his University debut while dealing with a broken wrist. Kevin preformed a lot of unilateral work and focused on football specific speed and agility drills so that he would not fall behind. His willingness to train through his injury while also training as hard as all of the other athletes just goes to show the type of athlete he is. One of the most explosive and exciting defensive linemen to watch-Kevin matures as a player and will definitely be a clutch athlete for the McMaster football program.

Greg Mellios (Bishop Gaiters Football)

Greg can simply be described to those who do not know him as an athletic freak. Whether its becoming explosive,  putting on size,  increasing his strength and speed-he meets these objectives with simplicity and ease. As a defensive end for the University of Bishops, Greg met all his assignments this year and was a key member to the team, recording several sacks as a rookie. Coming off of a season with Concordia University last summer Greg had to undergo surgery on his wrist, which proved to be very costly to his performance. Being the type of athlete he is, Greg was challenged with wrist rehabilitation workouts and put through gruelling training to allow him to properly preform in his combine testing and pre-season that was fast approaching. This summer foreshadows great gains overall for Greg and a defensive end that the CIS will not be ready for . As a strength coach, it is exciting to train an athlete of this nature. You throw a program out at him, and he exceeds what you thought was possible.

Dane Fitzpatrick (Bishop Gaiters Golf) 

Dane is one of the top golfers in Canadian University Golf. A 4 year number one bag for Bishop's University, Dane captains the team and has participated in the Canadian University National Golf Championships. This summer Dane looks to improve his golf game by adding yet another weapon to it-training. We will focus on developing a lot of core and lower back strength and also develop a lot of power needed for the large amount of torque and velocity that come with his excessively fast swing speed. 










"This past summer I had the opportunity of working with Ian to help improve my speed and agility. His attention to detail and dedication to his athletes is top notch. He is a great motivator, as well as a great teacher when it comes to training. Like the future of the athletes he trains, his future in sports training is bright and I look forward to working with him even more this up coming off-season."

-Sean Rudy Bemidji State NCAA D1.

"Deciding to train with Ian was probably the best choice I could have made as an athlete. The personalized workouts were specifically made to fit my needs and helped rid the weaknesses I had. They were also extremely tough workouts that pushed me to work as hard as I could every day. The training is very personal as Ian is with you every step of the way- encouraging, instructing and pushing you to be better. The athletes training with Ian are all top athletes in their respective sports, and working alongside them all gives you an extra push to be your best. Training with Ian helped me realize my potential and I will certainly continue to train with him."

-Kohlin Rasenberg (St. Francis Xavier University Basketball)

"I experienced some of the most gruelling days of training when I was with Perry and the TrainWithMe University Crew this summer. I was put through challenging, unique exercises in a custom program fit for my sport and my goals. Deciding to sign up with Perry paid off like betting against the '08 lions-really well!! My numbers increased on lifts and I am a much better athlete because of it. #theydon'tknowyet "

Jore Phoenix (University of Western Ontario Lacrosse)

Kyle Handy (Bishop's University Football)

Kevin Aleinik (McMaster University Football)

Kohlin Rasenberg (St. Francis Xavier University Basketball)

Dane Fitzpatrick (Bishop's University Golf)