Head Strength & Conditioning Coach/ Owner
Ian Perry

Ian is a Kinesiology and Physical Education Student at Queen's University in Kingston Ontario. Currently, an intern for the strength and conditioning department at the University, specializing in Football. He has worked with many varsity teams and has an excellent background in strength and conditioning. Ian has always had a passion for training and athletics and has taken pride in helping athletes become better. Being involved in many sports and training environments, he has adapted his training from a mix of athletic specific training, strongman, powerlifting, olympic lifting and gymnastics skills. He began TrainWithMe in the summer of 2011 and has already had a great amount of success with all of his University Prep athletes and high school level athletes. Currently, Ian is working on numerous certifications, attending lectures and combine training seminars, creating a women's specific training group and is also waiting on internship offers from several NCAA Division 1 strength and conditioning programs.



What others have to say about TrainWithMe.ca

Derek Thomas (OVFL Coach/Former Marietta College Football Player)

"Being a former collegiate football player in the states and now a defensive coordnatior, I understand the importance of training. To play at your highest level, an athlete must not only train, but train properly. After a couple of our current athletes started training with Ian, I noticed a dramatic improvement in only a couple weeks. The players were more explosive in and out of their cuts, as well as quicker to the ball. As coaches, we can teach and train how to play the game, but you need a great strength/conditioning trainer to make you a complete athlete. This is were Ian has stepped in with 100% effort and urgency.

When I approached Ian about creating a specific program for the Cornwall Wildcat OVFL program, there was no hesitation. Within a couple months, Ian had created an amazing workout plan for our athletes. If you want to compete at a high level, then you need to get on board with Ian Perry and TWM. Thanks Ian and look forward to working more with you"

Derek Thomas
Defensive Coordnatior - Cornwall Wildcats OVFL